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The critical element in Motorcycle Accidents – exposure boosts the seriousness of these accidents exponentially for the driver and any passenger.  Most states have helmet laws, and helmets do help protect the head, but beyond that, and even with that help included, injury protection is minimal to none; the only word to describe motorcycle accident injuries is that they are usually catastrophic in nature.  Should you be the victim of a catastrophic motorcycle accident, your interests would be best met by Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Stephen L. Grimm.  Attorney Grimm is seasoned in every aspect of delivering on your motorcycle accident claim – investigating cause, determining liability and aggressively pursuing the legal action to obtain maximum compensation for your claim.

History counts – Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Stephen L. Grimm has successfully handled these claims for over 26 years and counting.  He has the right experience, knowledge base, and needed resources to put to work in managing your motorcycle accident injury claim.  He has brought success to numerous claims involving closed or open head injuries, multiple broken bones, spinal cord injury, road rash, burn injuries and death.  Attorney Grimm has the experience that counts, every time.

Injuries and deaths are increasing in Michigan Motorcycle Accidents –

An alarming fact.  Traffic safety on the whole is generally increasing, while motorcycle accidents remain the exception.  In 2008, for example, there were a total of 4,082 motorcycle accidents in Michigan.  Out of those, 127 involved fatalities, and 3,314 bikers were injured.  To add to this unfortunate statistic, the number of motorcycles involved in fatal crashes increased 58.8% in the 10 year span up to 2008.

The motorcyclist death rate in 2008 based on deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in Michigan is 15.4. This 2008 death rate for motorcyclists is huge compared to the overall 0.97 mileage death rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.  Is this all the fault of the motorcyclist?  Facts can prove otherwise.

Some drivers report not seeing motorcyclists.  Often, car and truck drivers do not yield the right of way, orseem to comprehend that motorcycles have the same rights to the road! Whatever the cause, our law firm employs critical thinking investigators who can investigate the motorcycle accident scene, reconstruct an accident and correctly determine causation.

Months, years, and even a lifetime of medical treatment for pain and suffering can be the result of a motorcycle accident.  At the law office of Stephen L. Grimm, medical and economics experts are employed in order to best determine the future needs of catastrophically injured victims, including the financial losses caused by disability.  Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Stephen L. Grimm, is ready and able to help, for all needs.

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