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The difficulties from a Traumatic Brain Injury or Closed Head Injury – not easy, and very frightening…

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Confusion, memory loss, headaches, and most likely a serious life change – a Traumatic Brain Injury can bring all of these things to bear, and often far more – even death.  Victims don’t understand what is happening to their thought processes and overall health, and if the injury is slow in resolving, it is even more difficult to understand what is happening to them.  It is heartbreaking to see the cognitive and physical changes that happen to a loved one from a traumatic brain injury, and not know what steps to take to help them.  Then the realization hits you that maybe the person you knew would never be the same; that is when you feel the full effects of this catastrophic injury.  You know you need help – now.

Grand Rapids Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney, Stephen L. Grimm, has been helping the victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries/Closed Head Injuries for over 26 years, with the aggressiveness and resolve to assist you in attaining the outcome you deserve.   When Attorney Grimm takes your case, he will devote himself to all aspects of pursuing legitimate compensation for you, and not rely on the services of a more junior associate.  Complementing his commitment to your case, Attorney Grimm’s law firm has a Medical Doctor on staff, to help focus efforts on personal attention and the physical and psychological recovery of each unique client that has been the victim of a Traumatic Brain Injury. Even the most “mild” brain injury – if there really is such a thing as a “mild” brain injury – can have sequelae such as mood swings, cognitive disabilities, and short-term memory loss.  Worse yet, personal relationships and job performance often deteriorate.

When someone suffers a Closed Head Trauma, the injury can be hidden, as there may be little bleeding or obvious injury from the point of trauma.  This can be a very difficult injury to diagnose, and then effectively treat.   Even if the injury is a more open brain injury, the full extent of the brain injury may not be diagnosed immediately.   The damage done from a brain injury can cause extensive and sometimes progressive damage.  Some of these include:

  • Decreased mental capacity for various functions, such as reading, communicating or doing calculations
  • Widespread nervous system damage
  • Temporary and/or permanent memory loss
  • Difficulty in speaking, or speaking appropriately
  • Coma – short term or long term

You need an Attorney if negligence or malpractice has caused a Brain Injury

Grand Rapids Brain Injury Attorney, Stephen L Grimm, has the experience, resources and skills to investigate the accident that caused a brain injury and attain the appropriate compensation for this injury. Whether it be a motor vehicle accident, a fall, the result of an act of violence, lack of oxygen, or an omission of treatment – whatever caused the brain injury, and there are countless other causes, Attorney Grimm will thoroughly and effectively investigate, prepare, and aggressively resolve your case to attain the compensation you deserve for this very life-changing injury.

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